18 years
19 years

I am Jagruti, and i have a sister Yogita. I am ninteen and Yogita is eighteen. We both study in MFD. Our father is a porter and our mother works in crop fields around our village. It was a complete shock to our parents as no one in my family is deaf or disabled in any way. Our family had no idea of what to do. Our father thought of sending us to a normal school but we could not cope as our financial situation was not well. As it was a school for regular students we could not learn anything or develop our capabilities. Someone in my extended family came to know about MFD and sent us here. Since then there was no looking back. We have been able to understand and learn so much more than we thought we could. MFD has kindled our future and we look forward on completing our education so that we can support our family. 

17 Years

I am Divya, I am an only child to my parents. My father worked in a sugar factory as a helper and his pay was not sufficient for our family. Five years ago he got fits and was asked to leave his job. As a result he was mentally disturbed and the fits grew worse. He has been unable to work ever since. My mother now works at a small flour mill. My Aunt had helped me join MFD in 2011. Ever since i have been studying here. With almost no money for our family to have proper meals, MFD  has provided me with education, food and accommodation. My dream is to become a make-up artist, open my own parlour and support my parents as they do everything they possibly can for me.

8 Years

I am Pratiksha and I am 8 years old. My family was originally from Karnataka, India. My father decided to move to Pune in search of a job. He got a job as a chauffeur and earns minimum wages. I went to a public school, there i could not cope with the studies as i am deaf. The teachers in the private school suggested for me to be admitted in s special school. My parents searched for special schools in and around pune but as the fees were too high my parents decided to keep me at home. But my father did not give up there, he Found a school named Maharashtra Fellowship for Deaf where the school is focused towards helping deaf children and their families especially from the rural areas. It has been 2 years since i have joined MFD and i couldn't be more excited to attend school every day.

10 Years

I am Om and I am 10 years old. I come from a village Dhulia, Maharashtra. My Father works at in a textile factory 150 miles away from our village as a docker. I have an elder sister who is 12. My mother has to stay at home to look after my sister. Our family is very poor and has a hard time coping in our day-to-day life. 

I have been studying at MFD for the past 5 years and now i am in the 5th grade ! Whenever i go back to my village during vacations, i miss my father. He comes home only twice a year. He works so hard so that we can have proper education and food every day. My dream is that i complete my education so that i can support my family and my father can come back to us 

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